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SKS Recoil Buffer SKS H Buffer SKS Buffer by 25thCTC

SOLD OUT..... SOLD OUT..... SOLD OUT.  Thank You.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.  I want to personally thank everyone for their continued patience and show of support for us and our "H" Buffer.  We truly appreciate your loyalty and kind business.  Our sincere apologies for currently being OUT OF STOCK.  Please continue reading for a SUPER DISCOUNT OFFER.  We are currently working on testing new materials along with testing a few new design modifications to our excellent "H" Buffer, which leads us to review different production methods.  Our customers deserve the best SKS Buffer for their firearm, which truly is our "H" Buffer design, and we are working hard to get a new stock of our "H" Buffers made as soon as possible.. and better than ever! 

  I am leaving this site up to provide information/education about SKS "buffers"; how our "H" Buffer will protect your investment, and for production updates.  We are currently working on a new production method along with new materials that will offer a better selection for your firing/tactical needs using our "H" Buffer.  Unfortunately, due to unforeseen events, business and personal, we have no estimated time of production, please check back on the first week of the month for updates.  BUT...... once we do have our new "H" Buffers in stock, as a thanks for everyone's patience and understanding, we will be offering them to everyone for only $7.00 each (with FREE S&H, worldwide)!!!!  No minimum order! 

BONUS SUPER DISCOUNT OFFER.... for those who would like to be put on our "Back Order List", your cost will be only $5.00 each (with FREE S&H, worldwide), for ANY QUANTITY you want!!!  We will email you with the DISCOUNTED OFFER as soon as the "H" Buffer is back in stock; simply fill out the Contact Information page, mention $5.00 DEAL, and be sure to include your email address.  The $7.00 THANK YOU DEAL will last for THREE (3) MONTHS!!!!  YEP!  3 MONTHS!  But as soon as we have our "H" Buffer back in stock and listed on the site, the $5.00 SUPER DISCOUNT OFFER will be removed, so email today to reserve that offer for you.  Thank you for your time and understanding during our redesigning, retooling, and restocking.  Safe Shooting!  Sincerely, 25thCTC

Thank you for finding our site, and for your interest in our SKS “H” Recoil Buffer©™.  My name is Mark, inventor, machinist, and owner of 25thCTC.  I am the designer/inventor of the ORIGINAL SKS “H” Recoil Buffer©™.  Before my “H” Buffer design, there was NO SUCH THING as a “H” Buffer for the SKS Rifle!  Period!  Please do not be fooled by the “COPY CAT” “H” Buffers out on the market made by other companies.  It is said that “imitation” is the highest form of flattery, but in this case, it is thievery and illegal, a ripoff.  Their product is not only a COPY (a POOR COPY at that), it is also an INFERIOR COPY of our SKS “H” Buffer©™.  Please feel free to try theirs, then order one of ours when theirs fails.  If anyone selling an “H” Buffer claims to be the “Inventor” of it, they are lying.  And if anyone is selling an “H” Buffer NOT labeled “Made in the USA by 25thCTC”, then it is a COPY... NOT one of OURS!   Thank you for your time and kind business!   Have a great day, and Safe Shooting!   

Sincerely, Mark  25thCTC
Here is a little information about what a "Buffer" should do, and how our "H" Buffer compares to other "buffers".

Our “H” Buffer is different from the “Dust Cover Installed” Buffers on the market
today.  Our “H” Buffer installs into the RECEIVER!  NOT in the dust cover! 
They claim their Buffer stops
the shock from the recoil to your scope.  But what it REALLY does is transfer the shock directly to the Scope / Dust Cover Scope Mount and Receiver Pin!  Their style of Buffer (the one that fits into the Dust Cover) will actually put MORE STRESS on
your Receiver Pin and Scope!  Possibly breaking the Receiver Pin over time!  We
even offered OUR “H” Buffer Design to the leading “Recoil Buffer” Maker in the
world, and they agreed our "H" Buffer was a better design, but they were already tooled up to
produce their “Dust Cover Buffer”, and therefore passed on buying our Design
due to retooling cost!  Yep!  They agreed OUR “H” Buffer Design is BETTER!  They
just did not want to “retool”!  A shame, because they could have got a BETTER
BUFFER (our “H” Buffer) out to everyone FASTER than we ever could!

FACT:  The Bolt hits the Receiver Block end, metal-to-metal, NEVER touching the
“Dust Cover”!  Just take a look inside your Receiver, in the area inside and in front
of the Receiver Pin, as shown in the photo to the left (the 2 Big Red Arrows are
pointing out the contact areas).  You will notice a “shiny” area where the Bolt
Contacts the back of the Receiver (this is where OUR “H” BUFFER goes).  With the
mag removed, chamber cleared, disassemble the Dust Cover, remove the Recoil Spring, and now work
the Bolt back and forth.... notice where the Bolt Hits the Receiver when you pull it all
the way back..... it hits the rear of the RECEIVER!  Now, knowing this, does it make
sense to transfer ALL of that IMPACT directly to the “Dust Cover” & Receiver Pin???  
NOPE!  This is where our “H” Buffer is far superior!  It does what a Buffer is
supposed to do... it PROPERLY stops the metal-to-metal contact, absorbs most of
the shock and transfers what little is left to the Receiver Block and throughout the rearward stock ... giving LESS felt recoil and muzzle climb!  We have had many shooters tell us that their FOV (Field Of View) / Scope View remained on the target, letting them actually see the bullet strike!  That is almost
ZERO reclaim for FASTER followup shots!!!  Speaking of FAST, check out our SKS
Quick Mag Change Bolt SERVICE on www.25thCTC.com (currently down for update)
Please take into account all of the information we have given you on our “H” Buffer
Design and its function, and decide to help protect your investment, your firearm,
and your shooting enjoyment by installing one of our SKS “H” Buffers. 

Order direct from us!  We are the maker!  Our SKS “H” Buffer normally retails for only $9.50 each, plus USPS First Class
S&H of only $2.50 for one “H” Buffer (anywhere in the WORLD).  We will offer quantity price breaks when back in stock, and shipping discounts!   Please note that packages shipped to World Wide buyers will not be insured or able to be tracked without adding the extra $12.00 Registered Mail Service (yeah, HIGH, I know, but it is the cheapest tracking option possible), but normal First Class Air will have a "Certificate of Mailing", which provides ONLY "proof" of mailing.  Please email before ordering for more information and options.  Thank You. 
You will be able to order online, safe and secure, using multiple options, or by mail if you prefer.  Please feel free to email with any questions by clicking the CONTACT INFORMATION button above, and be sure to include your email address or I will not be able to reply (your email is NOT automatically included)
Dealers WELCOMED!  Contact for Quantity Pricing!  

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Safe Shooting!

******** SORRY........ We are currently working on improving our "H" Buffer, both in material and design, along with reviewing different production methods.  Please check back once a month for updates.   Thank you for your time and understanding.  Sincerely, 25thCTC
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